High-tech ropes made from HMPE. Often used as a substitute for wire rope..

More and more, Dynatec ropes are replacing customary material in traditional range of use. They often replace even wire ropes. The excellent characteristics of our new high-tech ropes provide for an increase in safety, profitability and reliability.


Clear advantages of Dynatec ropes:

- extremely high load-bearing capacity

- High endurance

- Minimum elongation

- Tremendous stability under ultraviolet rays

- Remote weight

- Especially high abrasion resistance

- Versatile usages and economic assembly options.


Mooring and anchor ropes for superyachts.

Welcome to the world of X-32!

When traditional craftsmanship meets one of the most modern rope manufacturers in Europe, the results are remarkable.


Mooring, anchor ropes and towlines with diameters raging from 16 to 60mm. Ready for use.


One of the best, most reliable and attractive fastener programs for megayachts.




The perfect fishing line program for specialized trade.

The perfect fishing line program for specialized trade.


DynaGold is a fishing line that is 100% “Made in Germany”, using high strength and high-tech material.


Following strict quality standards we produce this line with the sector’s most modern machinery.


Due to the prevailing manufacturing process as well as the latest surface coating and dyeing technology, DynaGold finds itself among the top lines in the market. DynaGold and the corresponding instructions for correct usage are exclusively available in specialist shops.!

Traders can request further information here.


Winch and aero-tow ropes for gliding. The Original!

Dynatec Hoistline is the leading winch rope for your club.


Developed in cooperation with the Aeroclub Landau in 2006, Hoistline now exists in its fourth generation. It has been optimized regarding all matters related to safety, performance and durability.


Dynatec Hoistline is being used in many clubs all around the globe, and is one of the leading and most innovative products on the market.


 More height with more safety!


The yacht outfitter with the complete Lippmann Ropes program.

Everything for water sports – right in Finkenwerder yacht



- Paint

- Varnish

- Life saving appliances

- Rigs and tackle equipment

- Surface care products

- Cordage/ lashing

- Rubber boats/ outboard motors

- Tool rental

- inspectionsn

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